Calendrier des événements
22/05/2016 - L'Ordre de Malte Liban sur France 2

Ne ratez pas l'émission "Liban, Pays Message" sur France 2, le matin du dimanche 22 mai 2016 à 10h30 (Beyrouth) - 9h30 (Paris), dans le cadre du programme "Chrétiens Orientaux - Foi, Espérance et Traditions".

06/05/16 & 10/06/16 - Camps à  Chabrouh

2 camps spéciaux se dérouleront ce printemps:
Le 1er étant le camps des français (de Dubai) pour personnes handicapées qui aura lieu du 6 au 12 mai 2016.
Le 2nd et pour la première fois, un camps pour personnes du 3ème âge qui se déroulera du 10 au 12 juin 2016.
Pour ceux qui veulent s'inscrire en tant que volontaires, prière d'envoyer un mail à : jeunes@ordredemalteliban.org


...Motivés par l'Amour, avec un coeur ouvert à toute l'humanité, ils rejettent toute forme de discrimination...

Rabab Al-Sadr Charafeddine - Imam Al Sadr Foundation ,

Who are the Knights and Dames of Malta?

The knighthood nature explains and justifies the maintenance of the noble nature of the Order, as most of its Religious Knights came from chivalrous and noble Christian families. Today the majority of Knights of Malta belong to all classes of society. The members of the Order may be defined as Catholics enlivened by altruistic nobleness of spirit and behavior.

How many members does the Order have worldwide?

The Order is made up of more than 13,500 Knights and Dames.


What are the three classes of Knighthood?

According to the Constitution, the members of the Order of Malta are divided into three Classes. The members are to conduct their lives in an exemplary manner in conformity with the teachings and precepts of the Catholic Church and to devote themselves to the humanitarian assistance activities of the Order.

First Class : they are Knights of Justice, or Professed Knights, and the Professed Conventual Chaplains, who have made vows of “poverty, chastity and obedience aspiring to perfection according to the Gospel”. They are religious for all purposes of Canon Law but are not obliged to live in community.

Second Class: by virtue of the Promise of Obedience, they are committed to living according to Christian principles and the inspiring principles of the Order. They are subdivided into three categories:
- Knights and Dames of Honour and Devotion in Obedience
- Knights and Dames of Grace and Devotion in Obedience
- Knights and Dames of Magistral Grace in Obedience


Third Class: consists of lay members who do not profess religious vows or the Promise, but who live according to the principles of the Church and the Order. They are divided into six categories:
- Knights and Dames of Honour and Devotion
- Conventual Chaplains ad honorem
- Knights and Dames of Grace and Devotion
- Magistral Chaplains
- Knights and Dames of Magistral Grace
- Donats (male and female) of Devotion


Lebanese members belong to which class?

Today, the Lebanese Association of the Knights of Malta is composed of :
- 1 Professed Knight
- 1 Knight of Magistral Grace in Obedience
- 18 Dames of Magistral Grace
- 30 Knights of Magistral Grace
- 3 Magistral Chaplains


How does one become a member of the Order?

One can become a member of the Order of Malta only by invitation. Only persons of undoubted Catholic morality and practice, who have acquired merit with regard to the Sovereign Order, its institutions and its works are eligible for admission. The Lebanese Association of the Knights of Malta is responsible for proposals of admission from Lebanon.


How does one become a volunteer?

Anyone can become a volunteer and we would love you to join us! Please contact the Lebanese Association of the Knights of Malta or send us a request.



Where is the Order of Malta Lebanon Based?

It is currently based in the offices of the President of the Lebanese Association in Sin El Fil. However, its future head offices will be located in Ain El Remmaneh, in the same building of the Socio-Medical Center and the Embassy, once the proper funds are raised to start the construction.



Are there any mimic orders? How do I recognize them?

The Sovereign Order of Malta wishes to point out the proliferation all over the world of bodies and associations which, using symbols and names not unlike those of the Order, are trying to represent themselves as legitimate and recognized orders of Saint John. Besides creating misunderstanding and confusion, they hurt the good will the Order has established over many years.


These organizations have no connection whatsoever with the Sovereign Order of Malta whose headquarters is located in Rome, at Via Condotti 68, and which maintains formal diplomatic relations with over 100 States and International Organizations. It is also recognized by the United Nations, and by the Holy See.


Caution is strongly recommended when considering proposals or appeals from organizations claiming to be the “Order of Malta” or the Order of Saint John.

If you are in Lebanon, please have their authenticity confirmed by the Lebanese Association of the Knights of Malta.