The youth

Letter From The President


Lelia El Khazen - President of "The Youth"














We, at the Youth of the Order of Malta, through our commitment to indiscriminate service and dedication to all those in need, try to embody the message and answer the higher calling of the Order of Malta in Lebanon by assisting the underprivileged, the weak, and the poor. We bring together Lebanese youth of all faiths and creeds to offer care, dignity, and companionship to those less fortunate, in the hope of sharing their burdens and ultimately brightening their lives.


Life has been unkind to many, who are left alone without any family, friends and resources. Those “wounded by life” sometimes only look for a smile as a sign of hope and company as a sign of distraction. Our responsibility is to stand by them and draw a smile on their face.


Our work would not have been possible without the unwavering support of the Lebanese Association of the Knights of Malta, our generous benefactors, and most importantly our volunteers whose commitment, dedication and passion make the YOUTH family what it is today.


In the hope of being able to continuously carry out our vision and work under our motto:

“I ask not about your race, nor your colour, nor your religion, but tell me what is your suffering” (Pasteur)