Letter From The President

President Marwan Sehnaoui between a volunteer and a "guest" during Lourdes International Pilgrimage.

"I ask not about your race, nor your colour, nor your religion but tell me what is your suffering".

Such is Pasteur’s motto that inspires the line of conduct of the Order of Malta in Lebanon and which is applied, over the whole Lebanese territory regardless of religious denomination, to our “Lords” the poor, the sick, the handicapped, the elderly, and all others who have not been privileged by life and who, despite their plight, are in their right to aspire to better tomorrows.

The Order of Malta in Lebanon is a subject of love in the service of Man’s dignity while respecting every person’s differences. Because of this, the Order becomes thanks to and through the most disfavored among us, a project of coexistence, civilization and peace.

The Order of Malta is also, in this Holy land of Lebanon, a place of resourcing for all our youth and also those from all over the world who meet here, sharing the same values, with joy and enthusiasm, who come throughout the year to share, joining action and spirituality, for the wellbeing of our brothers abandoned and handicapped.

All our activities, so necessary and at the same time so hard to upkeep, manage to function thanks to those who have decided, at some point in their lives, to stand by our sides.

We have faith, with the help of God, and the help of all of you, that we shall find the necessary strength and means to pursue our mission in the service of those who have not had the privileges that the Lord has bestowed upon us.

“Fear not!” Said our Blessed Pope John Paul II .