Events Calendar
22/05/2016 - Order of Malta Lebanon on France 2

Don't miss a special episode "Lebanon, the Message" of the program entitled "Chrétiens Orientaux - Foi, Esperance et Traditions" on the french TV channel France 2, during which the Order of Malta Lebanon will appear. 

Sunday May 22nd at 10:30am (Beirut) - 9:30am (Paris)

06/05/16 & 10/06/16 - Camps at Chabrouh

2 special camps will take place this spring:

The first one is the Fench Camp (coming from Dubai) for the diasbled from May 6 to May 12, 2016.

The second one and for the first time a camp for the Elderly will take place from june 10 to June 12, 2016.

Should you wish to volunteer at any of these camps, please send an e-mail to: jeunes@ordredemalteliban.org


...To strive continually for solidarity, to give back dignity to the individual, to make tireless efforts to bring peace to the heart and the body; who would not identify with the quest of the Knights of St.John?... 

Marwan Hamade - Lebanese MP,