Socio-Medical Centers

At the core of the Order's mission are the Socio-Medical Centers (SMC). Open to one and all, they are staffed by health professionals and offer various medical, paramedical and social services.


Medicine is dispensed in all the Centers’ pharmacies, which are linked to the central medical warehouse in Beirut, thus ensuring a continuous supply of the required medication.


The network of SMCs is backed in the South by 2 Mobile Medical Units (MMU) and 2 Fixed Outlets. These were implemented to complement the Order’s services and better allow it to reach out to those who live in remote areas and cannot make it to the Centers.


In order to preserve the patient's Dignity, a symbolic fee is requested from him as a contribution to his needed treatment or medication, that also helps maintaining the operational cost of the Center. However, this symbolic contribution could be, confidentially, reduced to none depending on the severity of the socially disadvantaged patient's situation, as validated by the social worker of the Center.


Prevention campaigns and Social Services are offered in the Centers as well as through proactive house calls, creating a strong bond between the locals and the Center’s personnel.


All of SMCs follow an Operational Structure based on:

- A partnership with religious congregations or foundations

- Access to a diverse list of medical services

- Paramedical activities

- Social services offered based on the local population’s specific needs

- Transparent and methodical management


The SMCs offer the following services:

- General Medecine

- Cardiology

- Gynecology

- Pediatrics

- Ophtalmology

- Orthopedics

- Pneumology

- Ear, Nose and Throat

- Dermatology

- Gastroenterology

- Urology

- Endocrinology

- Neurology


The SMCs operate in the following fields:

- Minor surgery

- Vaccinations

- Psychology

- Physiotherapy

- Diabetic care


The SMCs’ medical explorations:

- Audiometry

- Imagery services

- Ultrasound and Dopplers

- Laboratory


The SMCs also provide dental care.

The SMCs are located in : Kobayat - Khaldiyeh - Barqa - Kefraya - Zouk Mikael - Ain El Remmaneh - Roum - Marjeyoun - Siddikine - Yaroun