The Order of Malta operates through the use of various Centers that are present throughout Lebanon. They are open to everyone, regardless of their backgrounds, personal beliefs or affiliations.



They offer a place of refuge to those whom life did not favor: the sick, the needy, the elderly and the disabled, providing them with social and medical services of the utmost quality, all the while striving to preserve the patients’ own personal Dignity.



Currently, the Order acts through a network of 28 different operations, staffed by a total of 253 personnel (127 medical, 50 paramedical and 76 administrative):


- 10 Socio-Medical Centers (SMC)

- 2 fixed outlets

- 3 Mobile Medical Units (MMU)

- 3 Day Care Centers for the elderly

- 7 Warm Homes for the elderly

- 1 Center specialized in Cerebral-Motor Deficiency

- 1 Balneo-therapy Center

- 1 Hosting Center for the physically and/or mentally handicapped



To this day, this network has yearly permitted the Order to:


- Achieve an average of 200.000 medical acts 

- Attend to 2.600 Senior Citizens with 19.500 annual visits to the Day Care Centers 

- Reeducate and teach 100 children with Cerebral Motor Deficiency

- Offer holidays to more than 400 "guests" (physically and/or mentally challenged individuals) with the help of 200 young volunteers coming from different countries



The Order of Malta in Lebanon survives and operates thanks to the generous donations of:


- Members of the Lebanese Association of the Knights of Malta

- Institutions and foundations from Lebanon or abroad

- Sustainable partners

- Individual donors