Caravan, it is a word with roots stretching back to the Order’s origins. In days gone past, young men who wanted to join the Order of Malta as Knights had to spend two years of Caravan on the isle of Malta. This meant that for two years, they had to serve in the island’s hospitals, caring for the sick, as well as training in order to help bolster the island’s defenses.


Though today’s youths who join Caravan still dedicate their time to caring for those who need it.


Through a joint Lebanese / German structure of the Order, every year, ten to twelve youth from different nationalities offer ten months of their lives to serve the disabled in Lebanon. They learn how to Serve the “Other” regardless of his religious affiliation. Once back home, they act as the young ambassadors of this “project of civilization” that is solely based on Love, coexistence and human dignity; a project that the Order in Lebanon serves through the poor, the sick, the disabled and the elderly.